Daisy (that's how we spell her name now) is doing just fine. She is a beautiful and loving dog, and the vet reports that she seems to be very healthy. She weighs about 62 lbs now.


She and our older chow cross "Bravo" play all the time - a lot of wrestling and chasing one another around the back yard.

She is very bright and clever. She will eat anything that won't eat her, and we have to watch out for any small tools or such left out in the back yard (although that problem is lessening as she gets older). She has also removed a shrub from the "hedge" around the pool deck to make a little "cave" to relax in.


We feed both the dogs in straight-wall bowls made of a fairly hard plastic. After she has eaten, she often takes her bowl (but rarely Bravo's) and plays with it, first pushing it (upside down) rapidly along the patio like a giant hockey puck, and then throwing it up in the air.

Last summer, urged by Carla's grandson, she began to take to the pool, and really loves it. In fact she went in for a little dip today, although the water is still quite cool. During the warmer weather she will often go in by herself and swim around for quite a while before exiting.When we have pool parties, she loves to get in the pool and play with the guests. Sometimes she gets a little rambunctious and jumps on the swimmers' backs, so we have to look out for nail scratches! We have a wood bench on the pool deck, and often Daisy likes to lie on it for her afternoon nap.


We're really glad that you made it possible for us to get Daisy. We wish you continuing success in bringing animals and people together.


Joy was found several weeks ago walking alone on the dark streets of Memphis, TN. She was rescued by volunteers who took her to Walnut Grove Animal Hospital in Memphis. She was diagnosed with heart worms along with a few other ailments….all of which have been treated successfully. Joy is five years old and is a mixed breed.


She was adopted February 9 to a Jennifer and Dillon. They live in the Memphis area and will provide a great home and lots of love! Thanks to everyone who helped Joy find her forever home!


While we are very pleased that Joy was adopted, her medical bills are still quite high. If you are interested in helping us with her medical bills, you can make a donation through WellPetUSA at Paypal. Remember, no donation is too small. If you would prefer to not donate online, send your check or money order to:


Walnut Grove Animal Hospital
Attention: The Max and Joy Fund
2959 Walnut Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38105


Thanks again to everyone!!!


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