The Scoop on the New Crystal Cat Litters

I must admit that those commercials about the new crystal cat litters are intriguing. The idea of not having to change my cat's litter for 30 days certainly has its appeal. And then I got a coupon for the crystal cat litter in the Sunday paper - that sealed it, I'm trying the crystal cat litter! Price-wise, it is certainly more expensive than the clumping litter I have been using (even with the coupon savings!), but using less of the litter will more than make up for the price difference, I thought. Plus, one small bag (less than 5 pounds) is said to last the entire month, so I am very pleased not to have to lug 10-20 pound cat litter buckets from my car and up the stairs into my house. This crystal litter is fast becoming my new best friend!


So, I happily cleared the old, yucky scoopable litter from my cat's box and replaced it with the new,
modern, clean-looking crystals. Now comes the hard part, will my cat adapt to this new litter or not?


************ NOT! *************


Several problems with the crystal litter became immediately apparent.


Problem #1: I had forgotten to buy a special litter scoop to use with the crystal cat litter for solid
waste disposal, and my regular scoop didn't really work - the crystals were too big to fall through the holes of the scoop and I ended up throwing allot of extra litter away with the solid waste. So, back to the pet store I went to shell out a few more bucks for a new pet scoop (what in the heck am I going to do with the old one? I can't stand the thought of adding more unbiodegradable plastic to the landfill.)

Problem #2: My cat REALLY did not like the feel of the crystal litter on her paws - and who can blame her! This stuff is like walking on rocks! Now, which would you rather walk on with your bare feet - rocks or soft sand? After her initial, distasteful paw test of the new litter, she avoided the litter box for half a day until she just couldn't stand it anymore (I swear her eyes were turning yellow and she was crossing her little cat back legs and bobbing up and down!). When she finally used the litter box, I discovered -


Problem #3: The noise she made when she stepped onto the crystal litter was VERY loud and annoying - similar to fingernails scratching on a chalkboard. And, when she scratched the litter to cover her business, the noise was so bad I almost had to put my hands over my ears. I could only imagine how much fun it would be to awaken to that sound when my cat uses the litter box at 3am!

So, the loud noise was the final straw - out came the new, modern crystal litter and back in the box
went the old, much-better-than-I'd-ever-realized clumping litter. I'm sure that there are plenty of cat
owners who have used and been perfectly satisfied with the new crystal cat litters. The brand that I tried was in the pearl form, so maybe one of the other types of crystal litters will have better results - but my cat and I are not going to be the ones to try them out!


I think that someday my cat might just forgive me for this little experiment - I hope!!!


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