WellPetUSA's mission is one of pet welfare. We are committed to our goals of ending the overpopulation problem, educating humans on the care and welfare of domestic cats and dogs and the roles they play in our lives, and to working with the communities nationwide to make both of these goals become a reality.

We are a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to carrying out this mission. And, we need your help. We know that your time and money are valuable commodities. We present two ways for you give of your time and/or make a monetary gift that will help WellPetUSA continue its current work and to further its mission.

Making a Monetary Gift


Make a monetary gift to The Meow Bow Wow Fund. This grant-based fund was created to help end the pet overpopulation problem. Its specific purpose is to provide funds for spaying and neutering operations to pet rescue and welfare groups. Veterinary clinics are can participate in the program by invitation only. On an occasional basis, other general medical care might be provided.

As part of the same grant-based program, the Fund will offer financial assistance to those people who are interested in adopting a pet but cannot afford the high costs of alteration (spaying and neutering). Payments are given directly to the veterinary doctor that performs the alteration after the surgery has been completed.

Making a Gift of Time


Volunteer your time traditionally by helping with community events or virtually right from the comfort of your own home or office. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and skill levels to help us with public relations, Internet marketing, researching web sites and articles, writing feature stories and articles, web content assistants, volunteer recruitment, editing and sending monthly newsletters, being a member of our virtual advisory board, assisting us with our accounting needs and so much more. For a current listing of what's available, contact our virtual volunteer coordinator at You'll be glad you did!

Host a Special Event in Your Community


Create opportunities for communities to rally together and put an end to the overpopulation program through hosting special events such as the Dog Days Walk A Thon, The Bark and Purr Bake Off and Dollar Days. Proceeds from events like these would benefit The Meow Bow Wow Fund (the fund set aside for medical care).

For more information on The Meow Bow Wow fund or hosting a special event for your community, please email us at


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