Max's Story
The adorable little puppy became too burdensome by the time he was two. Sent to the local veterinarian to board, for a short time we assume, the owners eventually discovered this was a way to maintain their ownership of the dog, they believe they loved. They did not want to turn him over to rescue, nor try to find a suitable home. They did not trust anyone else to care for him.
11 years. 4,015 days. 96, 360 hours later, they decided they could no longer afford to board him. Him? He does not know his name. He was well fed and loved in a warped way by the staff at the veterinarian clinic. He was well vetted, up to date on his shots, on heartworm medication, yet horribly, abusively alone. For 11 years.

After the bill of the monthly boarding fee became too burdensome, the owner, coached once again by the concerned veterinarian, relinquished custody. A local rescue group was contacted and quickly scooped him up and put him up for adoption. He had been to two adoptions now. Everyone proclaimed how adorable, how utterly cute, but there were no takers on the now 13 year old pooch.

He is in his forever home now. With a new mom, a new dad, three sisters whom he adores, and a new name – Maxwell, Max for short. He will continue to be well fed and well vetted, but now, and for the rest of his days, will receive all the love and companionship he was placed on this earth to give, but was denied.

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