Previous Winners!

April 2001

Congratulations to Sadie for winning our first ever picture contest for pets. Sadie, a beautiful rottweiler, is 3 1/2 years old and loves to play with her daddy, Thomas, and her brother, Baron, a 6-year-old "rottie." When Sadie was 12 weeks old, she was dropped off at a local veterinary clinic. Her fur was very dull and she was scared and hungry. Sadie now has a wonderful home with a great family. Sadie has been to obedience school but still thinks she is a lap dog at 92 pounds. To learn more about Sadie and her brother Baron, visit them at Sadie's prize will be a pet gift basket filled with her favorite goodies. Her daddy will receive a year's subscription to Animal Fair, the leading magazine for pets and the people they own.

Thanks to Pet Gifts Galore for the wonderful pet gift baskets that will go to our pet winners! Pet Gifts Galore is home-based company that specializes in gift baskets for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. . All of their baskets are actually food or water bowls, decoratively wrapped and filled with quality products. They also offer embroidered shirts that are available with your favorite breed on them. To visit Pet Gifts Galore, go to or email them at

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